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"I've Always Wanted to Write a Book." Sound familiar?

Every one of us has a story. It’s how we tell it that makes the story a compelling read. In a supportive online group setting, we will help you turn your thoughts and memories, trials and triumphs, into a book. This is a six-week course designed to give novice writers the tools, and the push, to get what’s inside your head onto the paper. So stop stalling, with promises of “someday I’m going to write that book,” and let’s get typing!

Online Writing Classes: Easy, affordable and fun

You may or may not have a clear vision of your story. All you just know is that the idea is permeating and you want it articulate it onto paper to publish, share with family or even promote the humble origins of a business. In a small group setting, we conduct online "classes" that review the basics of feature writing followed by one-on-one instruction and copyediting services throughout the five-week program.

Who we are and why we're the best at what we do

We are professional journalists who have decades of experience working with aspiring writers. We know how to outline content and succinctly deliver valuable feedback and inspire you to fulfill your personal commitment to writing a book—whether a memoir or personal essay. We offer as much coaching as you need to help you build the confidence and skills to write. 


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Before you register for one of our classes, we love to meet our aspiring writers and hear their story. Feel free to contact us during normal business hours and learn more about our services.


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